With summertime and vacation plans coming, we would like to offer you a break from a full month of loan payments.* Also, you get to choose which month you want to skip! Your loan must have originated at least 90 days prior to the month you would like to skip, and it must be current for at least 90 days in order to qualify.
The fee is $30 per loan. Requests to skip a payment must be received at least 15 days prior to the loan due date. You are allowed a maximum of two skipped payments a year and there must be 60 days between each skipped payment.
Click to download the Skip-A-Payment form. Fill out and fax to 504-733-0767, or you can scan and email it to Or, as always, you can stop by our office and fill it out.
*Excludes all home equity loans, better choice loans, holiday loans, tuition loans, and VISA credit cards.