Employer Groups

If you know a business that does not offer direct deposit (believe it or not, this does still happen) have them give us a call. When a business partners with LCCU, they become one of our Select Employer Groups and can offer credit union membership to all of their employees at NO cost to the company. Their employees will have full access to all of the benefits that we offer, including:

  • Completely free checking
  • Free share accounts
  • Direct deposit
  • 40 Share Branch locations throughout the metro New Orleans area, including the North Shore
  • Platinum Visa credit card @ a fixed rate of 7.9% APR (That’s almost unheard of!)
  • ATM and debit cards
  • Free online banking and bill pay. Many banks and other financial institutions are now charging a fee for this service.
  • Low interest loans, including auto, Holiday, and signature loans
  • Christmas and vacation club savings accounts
  • Home Mortgage Loans and Home Equity Loans
  • Life and Auto Insurance

Its’ easy! We will come to you for on-site orientation and training for your staff. This is a wonderful and completely FREE benefit that you can offer to your employees.

For more information, email helpdesk@louisianacentral.org, or call 504-733-0789 or 800-557-0056.